Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tonight's struggle will be titanic

Our Wildcat- (and therefore hoops-) loving buddy over at Anything But Gatorade is surprised to see that we haven't yet posted on "tonight's titanic struggle," and neither does anybody else in Vandyland. I assume he's talking about our game tonight with Bruce "I hope that new football coach and his hot wife move into my neighborhood" Pearl and his boys in orange.

By titanic, do you mean sinking?

Tennessee hasn't looked very good, though the Vols did get stomped by the Kansas team that got stomped by UMass that got stomped by the Commodores — but that kind of logic never works, does it?

Our young team has been very sloppy with their ballhandling and very cold with their shooting. You could throw all that out the window because we're playing at home, but then again we got crushed at home by Illinois and some other team from Illinois. So maybe we have a chance tonight because we're not playing a team from Illinois, which by the way is the home state of our new president.

But I'm rambling.

The game's on ESPN tonight at 9 pm EST. If you'll be watching from that old brick gym in Nashville where the players sit behind the baskets then I'm jealous of you. Man, I love that place.


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