Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vanderbilt basketball: It's the shooting, stupid

So what was the problem in Vanderbilt's 76-63 loss to the Vols?

Listen to these comments and decide for yourself:

• Kevin Stallings, Vanderbilt Head Coach: "We probably missed some makeable shoot early and it might have got in our heads a little bit."

• Stallings: "It just seemed like there was a lid on that basket in the first half."

• Stallings: "We dug ourselves a hole and every time we needed to make something happen in the second half, we seemed like we'd miss a shot or a free throw."

• Stallings: "Nothing replaces putting the ball in the hoop. We just didn't do that very well tonight. We have to get back to practice and see if we can help our guys a little bit."

• Stallings: "They did what a lot of teams try to do to us, they tried to build a crowd around A.J. If they choose to play that type of defense on us, we're going to have to step up and hit perimeter shots. That's just what we're going to have to do."

• Stallings: "Even when we did get the shot we wanted, we had a hard time getting it in the hole."

• Stallings: "We missed some shots that normally go in and I think it snowballed on us a little bit."

• George Drake, junior guard: "We didn't hit shots that we usually make."

• Brad Tinsley, freshman guard: "When it comes down to it, it's about guys making shots."

• Tinsley: "A lot of our guys didn't make shots tonight."

• Tinsley: "If you're a shooter, if you miss one, you can't think about it. You got to know that you're going to make the next shot."

• Tinsley: "We just didn't hit shots."

• Tinsley: "A lot of our guys had open shots."

• Tinsley: "A lot of guys had hands in their faces and they just didn't hit the shots. In practice our guys hit those shots."

• Tinsley: "It just wasn't our day for shooting."

OK, OK, we get it!

Hey, when does John Jenkins get here?


Bob Loblaw said...'re saying there's a problem with making baskets? Huh, and here I thought it was a glitch in the Matrix.


A glitch in the Matrix? That's a more respectable explanation. I wish somebody had said that in the post-game interviews. Maybe the guy from Cameroon.