Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vanderbilt football is No. 1 in academics — do you care?

The other day Bobby Johnson accepted a big honking trophy signifying that his team is No. 1 among the 119 major college football teams. Sure, it wasn't that cool crystal trophy that the Florida Gators just delivered to Gainesville. It's an old-timey looking wood and metal trophy. And his team's not No. 1 on the gridiron, of course. It's No. 1 in graduation rate.

Yes, Vanderbilt has graduated 95 percent of its 2001 freshman class, something no other team can top.

So we're No. 1 in the classroom. And thanks to our Music City Bowl victory we're, say, No. 40 on the football field.

So which would you rather be: No. 1 in the classroom and No. 40 on the field or No. 1 on the field and No. 40 in the classroom?

OK, don't answer.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty impressive! Go 'Dores!


You're right: It's impressive and Go ’Dores!