Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stallings still winless in Starkville — oh well

Well, Kevin Stallings has to wait another two years to get a win in Starkville. He's now 0-5 in Bulldogland. Vanderbilt lost tonight 73-66. I'm just not one of these fans who's gonna tell you 72 things we're doing wrong on the court when it's January and we've got a young team.

Sure, we're sloppy. The turning point in the game happened when we were down by two and Ogilvy pulled down a rebound and threw the outlet pass to Tinsley but it was intercepted and the Bulldog player hit a three. So instead of us tying the game we were down by five.

The funniest call was when Ogilvy knocked down Varnardo and then fell down and the refs whistled Ogilvy for kicking Varnardo. Whatever.

We've got a talented young team — man, Jeff Taylor is fun to watch — and we're only going to get better. There will be some more bumps in the road but I sure don't feel like I felt in October leaving Starkville with all those cowbells ringing in my face.

Have a good night.

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