Monday, August 15, 2011

UPDATED: How high can each Vanderbilt player go?

While everybody’s wondering who’s going to start, let’s take a look at the best that each player could do this season, position by position. This isn’t a prediction of how they’ll do. It’s just a look at each player’s ceiling, meaning the best we think he can possibly do this year.

• Full-time starter: R-SR Larry Smith
• Part-time starters: FR Josh Grady and R-JR Jordan Rodgers
• Role players in certain situations: FR Kris Kentera and FR Lafonte Thourogood
• Mop-up duty: R-SO John Townsley*, FR Taylor Hudson*
• Candidates to redshirt: Kentera and Thourogood

• Lower All-SEC teams: JR Warren Norman and FR Jerron Seymour
• Full-time starter: JR Zac Stacy
• Part-time starter: FR Mitchell Hester
• Role player in certain situations: R-JR Micah Powell

• Lower All-SEC teams: SO Jordan Matthews
• Full-time starters: SO Jonathan Krause and R-FR Chris Boyd
• Part-time starters: R-JR John Cole, R-SR Udom Umoh, FR Jacquese Kirk, R-SO Wesley Tate and FR Lafonte Thourogood (if he moved from quarterback, which hasn't happened)
• Playing rotation in big games: R-JR Akeem Dunham, R-FR Trent Pruitt and R-SO Brady Brown
• Special teams only: R-JR Jamison Sackey*
• Mop-up duty: R-FR Daniel Hagaman* and FR Steve Monk*

• First team All-SEC: R-SR Brandon Barden
• Part-time starters: R-JR Austin Monahan, FR Dillon van der Wal
• Playing rotation in big games: SO Fitz Lassing, R-SO Mason Johnston, FR Steven Scheu
• Role player in certain situations: R-SO Marc Panu*
• Candidates to redshirt: Scheu and van der Wal

• Lower All-SEC teams: R-SO Wesley Johnson and R-JR Ryan Seymour
• Full-time starters: R-SR Kyle Fischer, R-JR Jabo Burrow, R-SO Mylon Brown and R-JR Josh Jelesky
• Part-time starters: SO Logan Stewart and R-JR Caleb Welchans
• Playing rotation in big games: R-FR Andrew Bridges, FR Spencer Pulley, FR Jake Bernstein and FR James Lewis
• Role players in certain situations: R-FR Grant Ramsay, R-FR Chase White, FR Joe Townsend and FR Jose Valedon
• Candidates to redshirt: Pulley, Bernstein, Lewis, Townsend and Valedon

• Full-time starters: R-SR T.J. Greenstone, R-JR Colt Nichter, R-JR Rob Lohr
• Part-time starters: SO Jared Morse and R-FR Vince Taylor
• Playing rotation in big games: FR Barron Dixon
• Role player in certain situations: R-JR Taylor Loftley, FR Conor Hart
• Candidates to redshirt: Dixon (maybe) and Hart (definitely)

• Lower All-SEC teams: R-SR Tim Fugger
• Full-time starters: R-SO Walker May and R-FR Kyle Woestmann
• Part-time starter: R-JR Johnell Thomas
• Playing rotation in big games: FR Darien Bryant
• Role players in certain situations: R-JR Dexter Daniels, R-SO Thad McHaney, R-FR Thomas Ryan and FR Jimmy Stewart
• Candidates to redshirt: Bryant and Stewart

• All-American: R-SR Chris Marve
• Full-time starters: R-JR Archibald Barnes, SO Chase Garnham, R-JR Tristan Strong
• Part-time starters: R-JR DeAndre Jones
• Role players in certain situations: R-FR Andrew East, R-FR Blake Gowder, R-JR Al Owens
• Special teams only: R-FR Robby Barbieri*
• Mop-up duty: R-JR Bobby Jewell*, FR Kellen Williams*

• All-American: SR Casey Hayward
• Lower All-SEC teams: JR Trey Wilson
• Full-time starter: JR Eddie Foster
• Part-time starters: SO Andre Hal, SO Steven Clarke, FR Derek King
• Special teams only: SO Reggie Ford*
• Mop-up duty: SO Jarron Lewis*, SO Jarrett Wadler*, FR Scot Aiello*

• Lower All-SEC teams: SR Sean Richardson and SO Kenny Ladler
• Part-time starters: JR Eric Samuels and SO Andre Simmons
• Playing rotation in big games: SO Karl Butler, R-SO Javon Marshall, FR Andrew Williamson, FR Larry Franklin and FR Jahmel McIntosh
• Mop-up duty: SO Nick Aguirre* and JR Patrick Sutton*
• Candidates to redshirt: Franklin and McIntosh

• Lower All-SEC teams: R-JR Richard Kent* (punter)
• Starters: R-JR Ryan Fowler (kicker), SO Carey Spear (kicker), R-FR Andrew East (snapper)
• Substitutes: FR Connor Morrison* (snapper), R-SO Eric Frieman* (kicker), FR Taylor Hudson* (punter)



Greg M said...

Thanks for your updates.


As they say at Chick-fil-A, my pleasure.

Jace Puckett said...

Hey Dimon, may I ask why you put Wilson over Foster?

Also, thanks for noticing my previews. I am not quite on your level yet but I am trying.

I apologize for the van der Wal confusion yesterday too. I actually watched that video a little bit before commenting, but I was thinking about how they were talking about Conner Hart and the defensive line right before and I got mixed up.


Sure. I think is going to get the start over Foster; this has been in the works since spring when the coaches were wowed by Wilson.

He's going to see a ton of passes because Casey Hayward's working the other corner, so I think he's going to have some good stats (picks, breakups, etc.) over there.

Remember, I'm not predicting that Wilson will have a better season than Foster (even though I think that'll happen) but I'm just saying that I think Wilson has a bigger upside than Foster does.

Both are going to have to fend off Derek King.

Keep up the good work. I wish the internet had been invented when I was your age; I would definitely have done a sports blog.

Anonymous said...

your way off on ol situation , same guys as last year will start


Dude, how can I be way off on the OL situation? I list four of last year's starters as being possible starters all season and the fifth, Logan Stewart, who's been hurt, as a part-time starter.

Franklin has said himself he doesn't expect Stewart to start at the beginning of the season.