Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Six of Vandy's 2011 opponents didn't get AP votes either

Looking at the AP's preseason Top 25 and noticing that five of Vandy’s opponents – Kentucky, Ole Miss, UConn, Wake Forest and Army – did not receive a single vote.

That’s five teams we have a shot at beating. Oh yeah, and we play Elon.

So that’s six teams we’re capable of beating, and we play five of them (everybody except Wake) at home.

A seventh, Tennessee, received a vote from only one of the 60 voters.

Here are our other opponents:
• At Alabama: I dread watching our offense play Bama’s defense.
• Arkansas: This team is loaded and could blow us out.
• Georgia: Lots of talent but we get them at home, where we usually put up a pretty good fight, though I think we’ll have trouble moving the ball against them.
• At South Carolina: A scary-fast defense and lots of offensive playmakers.
• At Florida: A young team loaded with blue-chips but maybe our best chance in a while to pull a surprise. Of course, we thought the same thing last year and lost by a thousand points.

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