Thursday, August 18, 2011

MV! voters stick with the big four at defensive end

Before we opened voting in the latest installment of our MV! Significant Playing Time Poll, there was no question who the top defensive ends for Vandy were, and there's no question now that you've voted.

Tim Fugger will likely open the season as a starter at one end, with Walker May and Kyle Woestmann competing for the other slot. Johnell Thomas will also see significant playing time, as the staff plans to take about 12 defensive linemen on the road and rotate a whole bunch of them during games.

After those four guys, it's up in the air. You like Thad McHaney, a redshirt sophomore who was highly touted and had an offer from Oklahoma but has struggled with injury, and Darien Bryant, a true freshman who's a great-looking athlete but needs to put on some weight.

Then there's Dexter Daniels, a redshirt junior who's taking a shot at end after playing sparingly at linebacker most of his career; Thomas Ryan, a three-star prospect at defensive end who redshirted last year; and Jimmy Stewart, a true freshman who's supposedly a speedy pass rusher but needs to put on some pounds.

Not much out of preseason camp about anybody but Fugger, Woestmann, May and Thomas, except for the occasional praise for Bryant and his potential down the road.

Here's a breakdown:
• Tim Fugger, R-SR: 92 percent
• Walker May, R-SO: 88 percent
• Kyle Woestmann, R-FR: 84 percent
• Johnell Thomas, R-JR: 65 percent
• Darien Bryant, FR: 23 percent
• Thad McHaney, R-SO: 23 percent
• Dexter Daniels, R-JR: 19 percent
• Thomas Ryan, R-FR: 15 percent
• Jimmy Stewart, FR: 3 percent

Now time to vote for some linebackers.

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