Thursday, August 25, 2011

MV! voters like Eddie Foster starting opposite Hayward

We've got some talented cornerbacks, and your voting in the MV! Significant Playing Time Poll reflects that. And the winners are...

1. SR Casey Hayward: 96 percent
2. JR Eddie Foster: 80 percent
3. JR Trey Wilson: 70 percent
4. SO Andre Hal: 63 percent
5. SO Steven Clarke: 46 percent
6. FR Derek King: 36 percent
7. FR Jacquese Kirk: 0 percent
7. SO Reggie Ford: 0 percent

Now it's time to vote for safety.


Anonymous said...

I sort of feel bad for Jacquese Kirk, but maybe it's good thing a 3-star recruit got zero votes. If nothing else, we've got faith in our returning guys at CB.


I listed Jacquese in both the cornerback and wide receiver polls because he's listed at both positions. He's been practicing at WR but I haven't heard much from him, and I believe he'll end up on defense by next year, when we get two or three freshmen receivers.