Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wes Johnson looks like Vandy's center; Mylon Brown makes a move

After Wednesday’s practice, the first in full pads, Coach Franklin said Wesley Johnson would probably start at center – he was All-Freshman SEC as a left tackle last year. Here’s how he broke down the probable lineup:

Center – Johnson, R-SO: Franklin said sophomore Logan Stewart has to “grow and evolve” and likely won’t be the starting center after finishing last season there.

Tackles – Ryan Seymour, R-JR, and Kyle Fischer, R-SR.

Guards – Jabo Burrow, R-JR, and either R-SO Mylon Brown or R-JR Josh Jelesky. It would be remarkable if Jelesky starts an SEC game at offensive line less than a month after switching to offense for the first time in his four-year college career. Brown has transformed himself in the strength and conditioning program and reminds me of James Williams, the lineman who came out of nowhere two years ago and became Vandy’s most dominating offensive lineman after playing sparingly as a redshirt freshman. (Williams was injured in the second game against LSU and then flunked out of school the following year; hit those books, Mylon.)

Backups – Best bets are Stewart and R-JR Caleb Welchans, who’s been a utility backup and has started a few games during his career. After that, there’s a bunch of redshirt freshmen – Grant Ramsay, Chase White and Andrew Bridges – and true freshmen – Spencer Pulley, Jake Bernstein, James Lewis, Jose Valedon and Joe Townsend. The best bets might be Bridges, Pulley and Bernstein.

Other standouts on Wednesday were:
• R-JR DT Colt Nichter
• FR QB Josh Grady
• FR TE Steven Scheu
• R-SR DT T.J. Greenstone
• SO LB Chase Garnham
• JR CB Eddie Foster
• SO WR Jordan Matthews
• FR RB Jerron Seymour
• R-JR LB Tristan STrong


Anonymous said...

How can you predict where Stewart will play when he hasn't practiced yet due to being out injurued?


Good question. I'm not predicting where Stewart will play. I'm saying where Franklin is predicting he'll play. He could just be trying to motivate Stewart; when he's talking about position battles he has a habit of not even acknowledging players who are injured.