Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 1: Larry Smith looks like the starting QB, Josh Grady doesn't look like a true freshman

Lots of good coverage of Vandy’s first day of practice over at the official VU site.

After practice, Coach James Franklin was asked about the quarterbacks and said:

• Redshirt senior Larry Smith “did some good things.”
• Redshirt junior Jordan Rodgers “made some mistakes I didn’t think he’d make.”
• True freshman Josh Grady was the “third best quarterback,” “just doesn’t seem to get rattled,” and “seems like he’s been here at least a year.”
• Fellow frosh Lafonte Thourogood made some mistakes and there were “some simple reads he missed.”
• Kris Kentera, the third true freshman QB, also made some rookie mistakes.

In addition to Grady, Franklin also singled out running back Jerron Seymour as a true freshman who stood out to him.

As for offensive linemen, he said he’s impressed with the progress made in the strength and conditioning program by redshirt junior Ryan Seymour, redshirt sophomore Wesley Johnson and redshirt freshman Andrew Bridges.

I noticed freshman tackle James Lewis, probably our top O-line prospect, was wearing a red jersey and standing on the sideline.

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