Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chris Marve wins MV! significant playing time poll which was expected, but - man! - where's the love?

Yes, 84 percent of MV! voters think Chris Marve will get significant playing time this season. Huh? You guys really took Coach Franklin seriously when he said everybody would have to earn his playing time. But in the end, nothing was new here: Marve is the man, and the two outside slots are a horse race between Garnham, Strong and Barnes, with Garnham and Barnes having a slight edge.

Here's the breakdown for linebacker:

R-SR Chris Marve: 84 percent
SO Chase Garnham: 75 percent
R-JR Tristan Strong: 65 percent
R-JR Archibald Barnes: 62 percent
R-JR DeAndre Jones: 34 percent
R-FR Blake Gowder: 25 percent
R-FR Andrew East: 9 percent
R-JR Al Owens: 6 percent

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Anonymous said...

It's going to be very important for Marve and the defense to play well and hopefully injury-free especially the 1st 3 games. Just as important that Marve play well, LS must carry this team as a senior. I expect solid play from the running game and the starting wr's; the wildcard will be the O-line. I's too early to tell if the off-season conditioning will result in better O-line play. I have always felt very good about coach Hand and his work with our young lineman. We should know after the Uconn game if we will have a potentially special season or a very long one. It would be best if LS and the offense played well enough to allow the defense to stay off the field (unlike last season) and also allow CJF to red-shirt the other qb's and decide next season which qb will take over the offense. Solid QB play will get this team to 5-6 wins. An offense that can minimize turnovers and convert (some) 3rd downs so that the defense does not wear down as they did in the 2nd half of so many games last season, will result in a potential 6 win season. There are some very winnable games on the schedule this season. Go Dores !