Sunday, August 7, 2011

Which Vandy players got a jump on second day of camp

Here are some guys singled out for praise after yesterday’s practice, the second of preseason camp:

• No surprise: Sophomore wide receiver Jordan Matthews, senior cornerback Casey Hayward, junior running back Zac Stacy, redshirt junior offensive tackle Ryan Seymour, redshirt sophomore offensive tackle Wesley Johnson.

• Making a strong case to start: Redshirt senior quarterback Larry Smith, junior cornerback Eddie Foster, redshirt senior defensive tackle T.J. Greenstone, redshirt junior defensive tackle Rob Lohr, redshirt senior offensive guard Kyle Fischer.

• Making a case for playing time: Redshirt junior quarterback Jordan Rodgers, redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Mylon Brown, redshirt sophomore safety Javon Marshall.

• Impressive newcomers: True freshman running backs Jerron Seymour and Mitchell Hester.

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