Thursday, August 11, 2011

MV! voters agree with Franklin about Spencer Pulley

Well, our exciting poll — in which you vote for the Vandy players you think will get significant playing time — has now overlapped with preseason camp.

Many of you were probably wondering how you could cast a vote for Josh Jelesky in our recent offensive lineman poll. You couldn't, because we started the poll last week, well before Jelesky was moved over from defensive end.

No, we're not psychic. But many of you apparently are. How can seven people out there NOT vote for Wesley Johnson to get significant playing time? That doesn't even mean you have to say he's a starter, though it's a no-brainer that he will be. But many of you can see into the future and foretell that he's going to get injured or transfer to a service academy or go on the mission field or get beamed into space by aliens, because you didn't vote for him. Or maybe you want to boost the votes for another guy you believe in. That's your prerogative. Thanks for voting.

Anyway, here's who you MV! voters out there think has the best shot at significant playing time, and you start with the five returning starters:

1. Kyle Fischer, R-SR: 86 percent
1. Ryan Seymour, R-JR: 86 percent
3. Wesley Johnson, R-SO: 81 percent
4. Logan Stewart, SO: 73 percent
5. Jabo Burrow, R-JR: 71 percent

Here's your second team:

6. Caleb Welchans, R-JR: 65 percent
7. Mylon Brown, R-SO: 55 percent
8. Andrew Bridges, R-FR: 47 percent
9. Grant Ramsay, R-FR: 26 percent
10. Spencer Pulley, FR: 21 percent

And the third team:

11. Chase White, R-FR: 18 percent
11. Jake Bernstein, FR: 18 percent
13. James Lewis, FR: 13 percent
13. Jose Valedon, FR: 13 percent
15. Joe Townsend, FR: 7 percent

My hat's off to you guys for making Spencer Pulley your highest rated freshman. I'd have gone with Lewis or Bernstein, and you cast most of the votes for him before Coach Franklin said he looks the best so far of all the freshmen.

Speaking of Franklin's recent comments, he says Logan Stewart is NOT on track to be the starting center again. He says Wesley Johnson looks like the center, with Fischer and Seymour at tackles and probably Burrow at one of the guards. The other guard, he said, will likely be either Brown or Jelesky.

But that was before they put on full pads. We'll see how it pans out.

Now cast your votes for defensive tackles.

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