Saturday, October 2, 2010

So we're not much different from Buffalo after all

Ouch. So after a promising first half we get pulverized by UConn. Just like Buffalo had a promising first half against the Huskies and got pulverized.

A bowl bid has been a pipe dream since the beginning of the season but it's really starting to look out of reach, huh?

Meanwhile, Tennessee is leading LSU 14-10 late in the game in Baton Rouge.

The big question now is whether we keep Coach Caldwell. You'll hear lots of people screaming for Mike Leach and Tony Dungy and the ghost of Vince Lombardi and all sorts of options. We'll certainly give you our opinion as we go along. Have a good Saturday night. Go Gators.

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Anonymous said...

Greenstone and Smotherman were out for the UCONN game. Marve was injured. At what point of the game I can't recall.
Along with the injuries, the UCONN game was the worst I have ever seen the defense play in four years, and that includes last year.
The end-zone was packed with coverage, and the UCONN quarterback just floated them in. The UCONN touchdown to tie before the half was the easiest score I have seen. I knew they were going to have trouble the second half.