Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quick prediction for today's Vandy-UGA game

OK, so they're about to kick off in Athens. We predicted a 24-15 Bulldog victory during the preseason and we'll stick with it, though it could be worse than that.

I think Georgia's working out some problems and will beat Vandy handily. They certainly have far better talent. Don't for one minute believe anybody who says we've got the best backfield or the best secondary in the SEC. Yes, we've got great kids and a couple of future NFL players sprinkled in for good measure. But we don't have nearly the talent the Dawgs do.

If Georgia goofs around and plays sloppily, we could hand it to them. But our fate depends on the Dawgs ability to execute. If we play well and they play well, we lose. If they play badly, then we've got to play great. As Bobby Johnson always said, we've got zero margin for error.

If you want to argue about Vandy's talent, consider this:

• 19 of Vandy's scholarship players are from Georgia, but only one of them, Kyle Woestmann, who's redshirting, had an offer from the Dawgs.
• Nine of Vandy's Georgia players are regular starters — nearly 40 percent. Those guys are Brandon Barden, Brandon Barden, T.J. Greenstone, Casey Hayward, Richard Kent, Jonathan Krause, Kenny Ladler, Warren Norman, Ryan Seymour and Udom Umoh.
• If you combined Vandy's and Georgia's rosters, likely none of Vandy's players would be starting. Or if you want to be generous, maybe Barden and Hayward would have a shot. Norman could certainly return kicks for them.

So we shouldn't win. Can we? Yes. Let's go do it.

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