Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eleven players we'd like to see play tonight

So we're supposed to kill EMU tonight. Last I saw it, the spread was up to 26, which begs the question, "Has Vanderbilt ever been a 26-point favorite over ANYBODY?

Remember, we're a 26-point favorite not because we're good but because EMU is so stinking bad.

I don't think we'll cover. In the preseason, I predicted 30-10 and I'll stick with that. Hopefully, we smash them in the mouth early and take a four touchdown lead and put all those freshmen who are playing special teams onto offense and defense.

I'd like to see these guys get some meaningful minutes on offense:

• QB Charlie Goro, R-Fr.
• C James Kittredge, Fr.
• WR Jordan Matthews, Fr.
• WR Brady Brown, R-Fr.
• WR Chris Boyd, Fr.

And on defense:

• DE Walker May, R-Fr.
• CB Andre Hal, Fr.
• CB Steven Clarke, Fr.
• S Andre Simmons, Fr
• S Karl Butler, Fr.
• LB Chase Garnham, Fr.

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