Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hey, where was Charlie Goro?

Maybe you noticed it too. There on the sidelines, sending in various signals and dubious playcalls, were three quarterbacks.

1. Jared Funk — or Larry Smith, when Jared was getting the opportunity to get on the field and throw an interception.

2. Jordan Rodgers, who's likely redshirting after struggling with a shoulder injury.

3. Matt Casas, the walk-on who'll play in the event that hell freezes over.

Which begs the question, where was Charlie Goro?

I have no idea. Charlie's been on the sidelines doing the hand-signaling business in games past, but his No. 7 was nowhere to be seen on Saturday night.

Which means the rumors will start flying once again that he's transferring at the end of the semester. And unless he's in Nashville strictly for the academics, he's got to be wondering why he's here. He's a quarterback on a terrible offensive team that's desperate for a change. So what's he waiting for... to throw his first pass three years from now when he's a redshirt senior?


Anonymous said...

Didn't notice him missing from my seat at the bar, but a nice observation. While I certainly hope he's not transferring, I wouldn't blame him at all. I wouldn't blame anyone on our offense for taking their talents elsewhere with this offensive staff.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Charlie did not get all of his study hall hours in therefore, he did not get to travel.