Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vandy players making a move on the depth chart

Comparing this week’s depth chart to the one on opening day, these players have made a move:

• Jonathan Krause, receiver: Has replaced Turner Wimberly as a starter
• Kenny Ladler, freshman free safety: Has started three games in place of redshirt freshman Jay Fullam
• Logan Stewart, center: Replaced fellow freshman James Kittredge as backup center last week and played against EMU
• Steven Clarke, freshman cornerback: For now, has a slight edge over fellow freshman Andre Hal as a backup cornerback

• Ryan Seymour, right tackle: After sitting out the opener for violating team rules, has reclaimed his starting right tackle spot, sending redshirt sophomore Caleb Welchans to starting left guard, redshirt sophomore Jabo Burrow to the second team, and freshman Chase White off the depth chart
• Colt Nichter, defensive tackle: Has moved into a starting role until the return of T.J. Greenstone

• Tim Fugger, redshirt junior defensive end: Regained his starting job from redshirt senior Teriall Brannon
• Jamie Graham, redshirt junior nickelback: Has returned from injury to reclaim his nickelback job from sophomore Trey Wilson
• Tray Herndon, receiver: After sitting out the first game for violating team rules, has replaced redshirt sophomore Akeem Dunham in the playing rotation

• Nate Campbell, redshirt senior linebacker: Started for the injured Chris Marve and has elevated himself on the depth chart above redshirt sophomores Archie Barnes, DeAndre Jones, Dexter Daniels and Tristan Strong

While we’re looking at players by class, let’s see which classes have played and started the most scholarship players this season:

Started (2): WR Jonathan Krause, S Kenny Ladler
Others played (11): S Karl Butler, CB Steven Clarke, LB Chase Garnham, CB Andre Hal, OL James Kittredge, TE Fitz Lassing, WR Jordan Matthews, DT Jared Morse, S Andre Simmons, K Carey Spear, OL Logan Stewart
Not played (10): WR Chris Boyd, OL Andrew Bridges, LB Andrew East, HB Blake Gowder, WR Trent Pruitt, OL Grant Ramsay, DL Thomas Ryan, DT Vince Taylor, OL Chase White, DE Kyle Woestmann

Started (2): S Jay Fullam, OL Wesley Johnson
Played (7): OL Mylon Brown, TE Mason Johnston, DB Javon Marshall, DE Thad McHaney, DE Walker May, LB Blake Southerland, RB Wesley Tate
Not played (3): WR Brady Brown, OL Justin Cabbagestalk, QB Charlie Goro

Started (5): CB Eddie Foster, RB Warren Norman, RB Zac Stacy, DB Trey Wilson
Others played (1): DB Eric Samuels
Not played (0): None

Started (9): LB Archibald Barnes, OG Jabo Burrow, WR John Cole, K Ryan Fowler, P Richard Kent, DT Rob Lohr, DT Colt Nichter, OT Ryan Seymour, OL Caleb Welchans
Others played (8): LB Dexter Daniels, WR Akeem Dunham, DT Josh Jelesky, LB DeAndre Jones, DT Taylor Loftley, LB Micah Powell, LB Tristan Strong, DE Johnell Thomas
Not played (1): S Al Owens

Started (2): CB Casey Hayward, SS Sean Richardson
Others played (0): None
Not played (1): QB Jordan Rodgers

Started (8): TE Brandon Barden, OG Kyle Fischer, DE Tim Fugger, NB Jamie Graham, DT T.J. Greenstone, LB Chris Marve, QB Larry Smith, WR Udom Umoh
Others played (2): WR Tray Herndon, HB Ryan van Rensburg
Not played (1): TE Austin Monahan

Started (2): DE Theron Kadri, LB John Stokes
Others played (0): None
Not played (0): None

Started (5): C Joey Bailey, DE Teriall Brannon, LB Nate Campbell, RB Kennard Reeves, WR Turner Wimberly
Others played (1): QB Jared Funk
Not played (2): OL Chris Aaron, DT Adam Smotherman


Anonymous said...

Dimon, from your lists I see that special team starters are excluded. A number of freshmen and sophomores have started on ST units all year. I realize in many cases off/def starters aren't used on ST units. On the other, players start on ST because they're they won the job -- not by default.


True. Special teams are more competitive than ever because Caldwell is playing way more true freshmen than Johnson did. But these guys were recruited to play offense or defense, which is why the only special teams players I list as starters are the punter and kicker. Do you really think Jared Funk will tell his grandchildren he was the starting third-guy-on-the-right-side or whatever he was on the punt coverage team his junior year? It is a big deal, though, for true freshmen like Matthews, Butler, Clark, Hal, Lassing, Garnham, Simmons and Spear to get on the field somehow

Anonymous said...

Dimon, good post...what this list tells us is that Vandy will have experience and depth next season. I think you mentioned in a post several weeks ago that the 2011 season should be really good as our young guys learn the system. I anticipate some changes on the offensive side of the ball in the off season. I hope that Coach Hand will be more involved in the development of the offense and some of our skill guys next season. If Caldwell stays, I hope that Coach Hand will be given total control of the offense to make whatever changes he deems required to improve the offense. There is alot of talent listed in that post. Go Dores .


Thanks. BTW, I just edited the list to include Walker May. Let me know if I left anybody else out. (I'm sticking with scholarship players here because it's hard to track walk-ons, though R-FR DE Mark Panu plays on special teams and R-JR David Giller is our regular snapper.)

Anonymous said...

Dimon, I can't think of anyone you left out as far a scholarship players...good stuff. Your breakdown certainly speaks volumes about how many younger players are getting field experience. My only comment is that if Kent is considered a starter (as punter), then so should Spear (as KO specialist). Their jobs are similar in that they provide the Defense with good field position.

Anonymous said...

Great job! Keep up the good work.


Fair enough. I listed Fowler as the starting kicker, since he kicks the PATs and FGs, at least for now. But Spear technically starts if the Commodores kickoff to open the game.

Anonymous said...

I imagine you don't wish to piggy back off the reporting of Scout/Rivals/ESPN, but is there any way MV! could provide a report on our current class of commitments? I'd love to read MV's slant on these players. Thanks for all you guys do. This blog kicks.