Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vandy can still win six games... here's how

We'd predicted Vandy to be 2-2 right now, but the UConn pick, which was wishful thinking to begin with, didn't work out. So now we're 1-3.

Can we still finish 6-6?


Our forecast hinges on everything clicking at the end of the season and us finishing the season with an uncharacteristic three victories, over Kentucky, Tennessee and Wake Forest, all games that appeared and still appear to be possibly winnable.

All we need is to enter that stretch at 3-6, which means we must pick up two wins in our next five games:

• Eastern Michigan
• At Georgia
• South Carolina
• At Arkansas
• Florida

Obviously, we've got to take care of business against EMU, which mainly involves not telling ourselves that their uniforms make them look an awful lot like unbeaten Michigan State.

That would make us 2-3. Our best bet to pick up another win before the final stretch would be to upset either Georgia on the road or South Carolina at home. If we're headed to Arkansas needing to win four of our last five games to become bowl eligible, then we're cooked and we'll need to pull Woody Widenhofer out of his toll booth in Destin to give us one of his "Have fun and expect to win" pep talks.

Speaking of expecting to win, I'm looking forward to playing a team we're supposed to beat. Enjoy it, because it's the only time this season we're playing somebody we're supposed to beat.

Let's win!


Anonymous said...

"then we're cooked and we'll need to pull Woody Widenhofer out of his toll booth in Destin to give us one of his "Have fun and expect to win" pep talks."


even more anonymous said...

Georgia certainly knows how to lose to Vanderbilt.

Anonymous said...

Debateable. Kentucky, although losers right now, are very tough; very physical offensive line. Cobb, Hartline and Locke at full steam gave Auburn all they could handle. They will throw every weapon they can at VU. Arkansas? Now a carbon copy of Petrino's four Louisville teams. They love to throw the ball downfield and will risk three even four picks a game to do so. Their defense has not come up to match, yet. So maybe. Clone more Foster's and Haywards for that game.

Anonymous said...

Ok so we beat EMU.....but do we really think that we can win against SEC schools remaining on the schedule with the amount of penalities we made during the game not to mention the dropped passes ? I really want this team to reach its potential but I fear another lost season with this coaching staff. Don't mean to sound too negative but EMU was awfull and measuring ourselves against this team is really misleading. The score could not hide last years problems of penalties and dropped passes. I'm still dont think the team can win this year with LS at qb. I want to see a complete game this weekend against UGA (and remaining SEC schedule) before I am convinced that Caldwell and staff are competent and can win. Vandy has talent in many areas.