Monday, October 25, 2010

Robbie Caldwell shows he's no Bobby Johnson and pulls the plug on his offensive coordinator

It took Bobby Johnson seven years to demote his offensive coordinator. It took Robbie Caldwell seven games to demote his offensive coordinator.

Caldwell announced today that running backs coach Des Kitchings will replace Jimmy Kiser as OC, with Kiser focusing on coaching quarterbacks.

Kind of makes sense, huh? Caldwell said he thought long and hard about naming Herb Hand to the position, but Hand's got his hands full coaching a young and woefully inexperienced offensive line. Meanwhile, our quarterbacks, especially Larry Smith, need a ton of attention, and now Kiser has the time to do that.

Who needs the least amount of attention? Our running backs. And who should know best how to get those running backs, who also happen to be our best playmakers, involved in our offense?

The running backs coach.

Also, have you noticed that all the old white coaches never leave, but the young, up-and-coming coaches, who happen to be black, are gone after a couple of years to better jobs? Kenny Carter left for Florida and Warren Belin is now at Georgia.

Let's let a young guy call the shots for once. The kids have to like the change, and it certainly can't hurt recruiting, especially if the offense turns around and Kitchings looks like a keeper at OC.

At any rate, I applaud Caldwell for pulling the trigger on this.


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A.J. said...

I've been saying for weeks (not really here–great site BTW–mostly just in rants to my wife) that we've got to get the ball to our RBs more.

We always give it up because the other teams can just sit on our RBs and shut us down, but that just leads to us going all pass (as in the awful 3 incompletion "drive" that lasted just 35 seconds after the blocked FG).

It just makes no sense: they know who our best players are and can stop them, so we should just let the worse part of our team attempt to carry the whole offense.

And the worse part is, in games in which we are still totally in it, we would give up on the run, then stick with the pass when it was terrible.

We've got 2 established awesome RBs, 2 more valuable backups, and a QB who can run. Obviously it's tough against bigger faster defenses, but there has got to be a way with all that talent to make some holes for our RBs.

Instead of just running mostly 1 RB sets (with 3 mediocre WRs) and running tons of zone read options, maybe we could utilize multitude of good runners to keep the opponents from sitting as heavily on individual backs.

I know it will always be difficult for Vandy, but we've just have to be creative because if we can't run with these backs we're hopeless.


Good comments. You know, I can't help but think about the Army game last year when we experimented with Zac Stacy in the wildcat running the option and pitching to Warren Norman. It was the first time we'd ever tried it and Stacy was actually a natural in the option but nobody remembers it because who would want to remember anything about that stinking game (except that it was a beautiful fall day on a beautiful campus)?

Will said...

It's all good.....I can't wait for Saturday in Arkansas!! Change is exciting, and a much better response by CRC than in recent past.....even though I am a huge CHH fan!!. If CRC is "a keeper" according to the Sporting News, that's good enough for me!!