Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eastern Michigan just what the doctor ordered for Vanderbilt's statistics

If we're going to bash Vanderbilt for having a total offense, passing offense and run defense ranked in triple digits nationally after playing nationally ranked teams, then we need to celebrate Vandy for dramatically improving in all those statistical areas after playing the kind of crappy non-conference teams that Kentucky and Florida and everybody else uses to pad their stats.

So today, after its 52-6 victory over EMU, Vandy has the nation's No. 79 offense — ahead of LSU (87), Florida (96) and Tennessee (97).

Oh, and Larry Smith is no longer the nation's 98th most efficient passer. He's No. 75.

And Vandy's passing offense is no longer No. 111. It's No. 91, its best ranking in the past four years.

And our run defense is no longer No. 105. It's No. 79.

Thanks, Eagles!


Anonymous said...

OK, So what needs to happen against Georgia?? Can we pound the ball on the ground against them???


No we can not pound the ball against Georgia. Tennessee gained 9 yards on 26 carries against them.

Anonymous said...

What does the pass-rush/sack situation look like? Georgia has a freshman quarterback. Is there any way this guy can be nailed a few times??Or is their line that good?


Their line has had some problems, and one of their starters is a true freshman. Their redshirt frosh QB looks for his primary receiver and then tucks it and runs. (Sound familiar?) Of course, his primary receiver is now A.J. Green. But yes, we can nail Murray a few times. He's got some wheels, but we've been using blitzing DBs to contain running QBs and we've got speed that we've never had before in Samuels, Foster, Wilson to keep them from turning the corner. If Murray stays in the pocket, it could be a long day for us.