Saturday, October 2, 2010

Against UConn, Vanderbilt keeps producing big plays

It's halftime, we're tied 21-21, and already we've seen:

• A 66-yard kick return by Warren Norman that led to a TD.
• A 56-yard TD run by true freshman Jonathan Krause.
• A 44-yard TD pass from Larry Smith to Udom Umoh.
• A 57-yard run by Larry Smith.
• An 8-yard TD pass from Larry to Brandon Barden.

Last year, our big play capability seemed limited to Warren's kick returns. This year, we've got more weapons — or at least are using them.

We've got 253 yards of total offense at halftime. Take away the runs by Krause and Smith and the pass from Smith to Umoh and we'd have 96 yards of total offense. But hey, we'll take them any way we can get them.

And speaking of using our tools, we've had six guys (Smith, Stacy, Reeves, Norman, Tate, Krause) carry the ball 17 times for 139 yards, and five guys (Barden, Krause, Umoh, Wimberly) catch the ball eight times for 114 yards.

That's spreading it around. It's especially encouraging to see how we bounced back from a 14-0 deficit built largely on two plays — Krause's fumble on the first play of the game deep in VU territory and our failed fourth down conversion on the UConn 14 yard line after Larry's run had gotten us deep in Husky territory.

Should be a good second half. Nice to see us use big plays and a bunch of different guys to score 21 points in the first half.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's the end of the game, now. And I think two of Connecticut's throws into the end some were too easy. They should have been picked off. One was the tying score. In triple coverage less. I expected alittle more out of the defense, this time.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's the end of the game, now. And I think two of Connecticut's throws into the end zone were too easy. They should have been picked off. One was the tying score before the half. In triple coverage no less. I expected a little more out of the defense, this time.
Sorry for double posting. To lose this game is a little unnerving

Anonymous said...

Really poor effort on both sides of the ball especially after a bye week. Really surprised that the defense seemed to be out of position in several situations and the poor tackling at times. This game is proof again that we can't put ourselves in a position of having to throw to get back into the game (with 2 interceptions).

Anonymous said...

OL,OLB,Ends,QB and tackling on defense in general.CRC called it... they where beaten up front There guys beat our guys up front.Big East vs SEC! You can talk about LS. But it is the front 7 on both sides that dictates tempo. If they didn't run the oklahoma drill during bye week they sure should be in pads Monday lined up. Finally put James Kittredge in on ST he isn't afraid.... get'em in there. We are so slow at end,OLB our lunch is getting eaten every game on the outside. Didn't rotate your linebackers enough again. I think their trying to kill Marve he never comes out.


Kittredge did play on special teams and will likely get a bunch of offensive snaps against EMU on Saturday. Anybody else nervous about that game?

Anonymous said...

Dimon, I dont think that we should be concerned about getting a win this Saturday aganst EM. If nothing else, these guys do have pride and do not want to get beaten at home by EM. Besides, I think the coaches all feel that thier jobs are really on the line (at seasons end) if they lose this game. I would expect alot of work on technique this week at all positions. I also hope that the coaching staff will close ranks and do a better job at game-day preparation and adjustments. I like Calkdwell but feel a few of his assistants are not very good, mainly Kiser (OC) and Fischer (WR). In practice this week, Calwell needs to focus on eliminating penalties by both sides of the ball.


Yeah, we bounced back with a nice win after the LSU loss so I guess I'm not that nervous. UConn was a very good team and may very well win the Big East and play in a BCS bowl.

I see we're a 3 TD favorite, but I'd rather get a bunch of young guys on the field (especially Jordan Matthews and Charlie Goro) than cover the spread.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the game again on replay....I continue to be hopeful!! Gettin' ready for Saturday!!