Monday, October 25, 2010

So Vandy should get the ball to our playmakers... but who are they?

Coach Robbie Caldwell is pledging to get the ball in the hands of our playmakers. Which of course begs the question: Who exactly are our playmakers? Let’s answer a question with some questions (and the answers to those questions):

Who’s touching the ball right now?
1. QB Larry Smith, 230 times (164 passes, 66 rushes)
2. RB/KR Warren Norman, 97 times (66 rushes, 20 kick returns, 11 catches)
3. RB/PR Zac Stacy, 62 times (50 rushes, seven catches, five punt returns)
4. WR/PR John Cole, 29 times (15 catches, 12 punt returns, one rush, one pass)
5. RB Wesley Tate, 27 times (26 rushes, one catch)
6. TE Brandon Barden, 21 times (21 catches)

Who’s got the most yards?
1. QB Larry Smith, 2000 yards (1,005 passing, 195 rushing)
2. RB/KR Warren Norman, 1001 (496 return, 395 rushing, 110 receiving)
3. RB/PR Zac Stacy, 336 (297 rushing, 27 receiving, 12 return)
4. WR/PR John Cole, 325 (211 receiving, 113 return, -1 rushing)
5. TE Brandon Barden, 247 (247 receiving)
6. WR/PR Jonathan Krause, 207 (148 receiving, 55 rushing, 4 return)
7. WR Udom Umoh, 166 (166 receiving)
8. DB/KR Eric Samuels, 120 (120 return)
9. QB Jared Funk, 114 (112 passing, 2 rushing)
10. WR Turner Wimberly, 103 (103 receiving)

Who with 10 or more touches has the most yards per touch?
1. WR/PR Jonathan Krause, 12.9 yards per touch
2. TE Brandon Barden, 11.8
3. WR/PR John Cole, 11.1
4. RB/KRWarren Norman, 10.3
5. QB Jared Funk, 8.8
6. QB Larry Smith, 08.7
7. RB/PR Zac Stacy, 5.4
7. RB Kennard Reeves, 5.4

Who has big gains on less than 10 touches?
1. WR Jordan Matthews, 35.0
2. DB Eddie Foster, 21.0
3. WR Turner Wimberly, 20.6
4. WR Udom Umoh, 18.4
5. DB/KR Eric Samuels, 17.1
6. WR Tray Herndon, 11.2

Who with 10 or more touches has the most touchdowns per touch?
1. TE Brandon Barden, 1 TD per 10.5 touches
2. QB Jared Funk, per 13 touches
3. WR Jonathan Krause, per 16 touches
4. RB/PR Zac Stacy, per 20.7 touches
5. RB/KR Warren Norman, per 24.3 touches
6. QB Larry Smith, per 28.8 touches
7. WR/PR John Cole, per 29.0 touches

Who else scores when they touch the ball?
1. WR Udom Umoh, two TDs on nine catches
2. DB Eddie Foster, one TD on one interception return
3. TE Mason Johnson, one TD on one reception

Who hasn’t touched the ball yet who should?
1. DB Steven Clarke
2. DB Andre Hal
3. S Andre Simmons
4. QB Charlie Goro


A.J. said...

I feel like the stats here might be more helpful if you took out returns. For one, they throw off the yards when theoretically anyone should get to the 20 every KR. Plus they confuse the touches.

I'd be interested to see it in terms of only offensive touches. Especially since the offense is the part that most needs to be fixed.


Yeah, I see what you mean. Maybe I'll do that later. Guess I was curious to see what somebody does when he touches the ball, regardless of whether he's on O, D or ST.

But if we take out returns, Norman's numbers go way down. Cole's numbers plummet because a ton of his yardage came from that one return against EMU. In fact, all of Cole's numbers drop dramatically without EMU stats. Krause and Stacy's yards per touch go up if you take away their punt returns.