Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald preparing to face a bowl team on Saturday

Think Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald is overconfident about facing Vandy, which had a miserable 2-10 record last season?

Um, what 2-10 record?

In yesterday's press conference, Fitzgerald actually said this: "Looking at Vanderbilt, it's a team that's coming off not only going to a bowl game but winning one. It's a team that we believe is going to come together after going through a little off-the-field adversity, losing one of their recruits, Coach Johnson retiring and Coach (Robbie) Caldwell taking over. It's a team that will be unified, on a mission and the challenge for us is to be focused and handle our business the right way on the road against a tough SEC opponent."

OK, all that other stuff about being on a mission may be true. But coming off a bowl victory? Maybe he needs to watch more game film... of Vandy stinking up the field last season.

Meanwhile, Coach Caldwell is saying in his press conference that Northwestern is a dangerous team, especially because the Wildcats beat Auburn in a New Year's bowl game.

Um, Northwestern lost to Auburn in overtime.

Which, of course, is much better than going 2-10.

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