Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freshmen move into dorms... and don't drop any beds on their toes

The freshmen football players have moved into their dorm, and so far nobody’s dropped a bed on his toe.

You may remember that last year defensive back Trey Wilson actually dropped a bed and broke his toe, which kept him out of pre-season camp. It didn’t keep him from contributing as a true freshmen, but it was still a bummer.

You can go to the official Commodores site to see the class of 2014 (or 2015 with a redshirt) move their stuff into their new digs.

Perhaps learning from the plight of the elder Mr. Wilson, the kids were keeping it light. Safety Kenny Ladler’s pictured toting a coat, dress shirt and tie on a hanger, and cornerback Andre Hal’s got some bottled water and a 19” television.

The difference from past classes is the veritable cornucopia of defensive linemen. Vince Taylor and Jared Morse are big boys, and James Kittredge looks big too even standing next to hulking offensive lineman Logan Stewart, who by the way is wearing a heavy chain and padlock around his neck. Roommates Kyle Woestmann and Thomas Ryan look lean and mean and destined to stay on the outside of the line.

Karl Butler, a Louisiana native, was proudly sporting a Saints Super Bowl champs T-shirt, while Chase Garnham and Fitz Lassing wore buzz cuts.

Jonathan Krause had toned down his Kid N Play haircut just a bit, and Steven Clarke had a Larry Smith do.

Some other observations and thoughts:

• Did we mention the D-linemen look massive and ready to play?

• Stewart was the only O-lineman pictured.

• Speaking of frosh O-lineman, Grant Ramsay wrote on his Facebook page that he thinks he may play this season. We’ve long thought he’s our most game-ready OL.

• Kicker Carey Spear will not be moving to the offensive line.

• The receiver Chris Boyd is massive.

• Fellow wideout Jordan Matthews makes safety Andre Simmons look like a shrimp.

• Don’t forget Jonathan Krause. The little speedster is getting no mention from preseason prognisticators and even Vandy fans, who are focusing mainly on Boyd and Matthews and even Trent Pruitt. But he can separate from DBs and catch the ball in traffic, and that’s something the Commodores have sorely lacked.

• People are starting to speculate that Garnham, who reportedly runs a sub-4.4 40, might play as a true freshman. Don’t know about that. He’s still kind of light. Even Chris Marve redshirted as a freshman.


Anonymous said...

Garnham will play early those 40times are accurate, to fast not too. Has great feet and play reading skills.We have several freshman that will play alot early.


Still not convinced we'll burn his redshirt unless we really need him on special teams. Sure, he's fast, but speed alone won't get you on the field at linebacker. We've got a bunch of young linebackers — Jones, Strong, Daniels, Barnes, Powell, Southerland — competing for one starting position or the opportunity to back up Marve and Stokes. Not saying it can't happen but don't think it's a slam dunk.