Friday, September 3, 2010

Warren Norman is the latest starting running back... and other roster changes

Earlier this week we analyzed the depth chart released with the Commodores game notes package.

Some things have cleared up since then:

• Turner Wimberly or Jordan Matthews as the third wide receiver. And the winner is... neither. It's true freshman Jonathan Krause. Matthews, another true frosh, will likely see plenty of action too. As for fifth-year senior Turner Wimberly being listed as a possible starter, it reminds me of the time my Little League coach forgot to play me in a game and put my name in the paper as being the winning pitcher. (Which was especially funny because we'd lost the game.) Wimberly's a smart, hard-working kid who won't be anywhere near the field during crunch time.

• Warren Norman or Kennard Reeves to start at running back along with Zac Stacy. And the winner is... Warren Norman. It appears that Norman has actually recovered from his knee injury and will start the game in a one-back set, which means he'll be backed by Stacy, then Reeves, then Wesley Tate. All should see action.

• Theron Kadri or Tim Fugger at defensive end. And the winner is... Theron Kadri. Fugger started eight games last season at defensive end while Kadri, a senior, has started one his entire career. But Kadri has one the job for now and will start opposite fellow senior Teriall Brannon.

• Archibald Barnes or Dexter Daniels at outside linebacker. And the winner is... Archibald Barnes. The other starting linebackers are senior John Stokes and junior Chris Marve. Daniels should see plenty of action.

• Eddie Foster or Trey Wilson to replace the injured Jamie Graham at starting cornerback. And the winner is... Eddie Foster. But Wilson will be the nickel back and will start the game instead of Barnes if the Commodores open up in the nickel formation.

• Warren Norman or Eric Samuels at kick returner. And the winner is... neither. Trey Wilson will likely start the game at kick returner, backed by Samuels. Unless the game hinges on a kick return, Norman will likely sit out special teams this week as he recovers from injury. Also, Zac Stacy will likely share punt return duties with John Cole.

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"But Kadri has one the job for now and will start opposite fellow senior Teriall Brannon"