Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Joe Fisher should do all the talking when he's on 97.1

I always enjoy listening to daily updates with Joe Fisher, the voice of the Commodores.

Before Vandy switched over to 97.1, Joe was making his morning calls to Mark, Frank and Kevin at 104.5, and those guys were funny and knowledgeable about football and asked some good questions.

I'm not going to dwell on it this season, but I'll go ahead and say once that Mac (Michael McIntyre) at 97.1 may be a great rock n' roll DJ, but as a sports interviewer he is terrible. The guy likes to hear himself talk and apparently knows nothing about football. After Joe says something, he proclaims, "All right my friend!" or simply "Wow!"

On yesterday's call, Joe was going to tell Mac how many strikeouts Sonny Gray threw in 5 innings for Team USA. He set up the story by saying, "There are 15 outs in 5 innings." To which Mac exclaimed, "Wow!"

Actually, there are always 15 outs for a team in 5 innings of baseball, so there was nothing exciting or unusual about it, so when Joe finally told Mac that Sonny had thrown 14 strikeouts in those 15 outs, Mac had to muster up an even more enthusiastic "Wow!"

Here's some advice to you, Mac: Let Joe do all the talking.

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Anything but Gatorade said...

Seems like EVERYONE hates that guy. At least Nashville still has some semblance of sports talk radio. In Louisville, the only sports station is all UofL, all the time.