Wednesday, August 18, 2010

These Commodores will get meaningful playing time in 2010... if they can stay healthy

Now that Coach Caldwell has installed the offense and defense — and spent time getting to know all his players and seeing what they can do — he's ready to decide who's going to get the most reps in practice and therefore play in big games.

Before we start seeing who's on the scout team and who's on the revised depth chart, let's take a stab at who'll be playing for the Commodores. When I say playing, I mean guys who'll be getting meaningful snaps on offense or defense in close games. (And no, we won't try to predict future injuries; everybody could get meaningful snaps if enough players get injured.)

• Who'll play: Larry Smith, R-JR (starter)
• Still has a shot to play: Jordan Rodgers, JR, injured and appears headed for a redshirt
• Spot duty only: Jared Funk, R-SR (backup); Charlie Goro, R-FR
• Redshirts: Rodgers

• Who'll play: Warren Norman, SO (starter); Zac Stacy, SO (starter in two-back sets); Kennard Reeves, R-SR (starter in two-back sets until Stacy returns from injury)
• Still has a shot to play: Wesley Tate, R-FR, who's struggling with a foot injury; Ryan van Rensburg, R-JR, if Stacy and Tate stay injured
• Spot duty only: Reece Lovell, R-SO (walk-on)
• Redshirts: No freshmen running backs

• Who'll play: John Cole, R-SO (starter); Udom Umoh, R-JR (starter); Jordan Matthews (starter in three-receiver sets); Brady Brown, R-FR; Chris Boyd, FR; Jonathan Krause, FR
• Still has a shot to play: Akeem Dunham, R-SO
• Spot duty only: Turner Wimberly, R-SR; Tray Herndon, R-JR
• Redshirts: Trent Pruitt, FR

• Who'll play: Brandon Barden, R-JR (starter); Ryan van Rensburg, R-JR
• Still has a shot to play: Mason Johnston, R-FR
• Spot duty only:
• Redshirts: Fitz Lassing, FR, will travel with team and be ready in case of injury; Blake Gowder, FR

• Who'll play: Joey Bailey, R-SR (starting senior); Kyle Fischer, R-JR (starting right guard); Wesley Johnson, R-FR (starting left tackle); Ryan Seymour, R-SO (starting right tackle); Jabo Burrow, R-SO (starting left guard, returning from concussion in practice); Caleb Welchans, R-SO (7-man rotation, backup tackle, possible starter); Mylon Brown, R-FR (7-man rotation)
• Still has a shot to play: Logan Stewart, FR (backup center/guard); James Kittredge, FR (backup guard/tackle); Grant Ramsay, FR (backup guard/tackle)
• Spot duty only: Justin Cabbagestalk, R-FR (serious knee injury); Chris Aaron, R-SR (out with vertigo)
• Redshirts: Andrew Bridges, FR; Chase White, FR, will likely travel and be ready in case of injury

• Who'll play: T.J. Greenstone, R-JR (starter); Rob Lohr, R-SO (starter replacing injured Smotherman); Colt Nichter, R-SO
• Still has a shot to play: Vince Taylor, FR (possible hand injury); Taylor Loftley, R-SO; Jared Morse, FR; Adam Smotherman, R-SR (team captain out with knee injury)
• Spot duty only: Josh Jelesky, R-SO
• Redshirts: Taylor if he really is injured; Morse if Taylor cracks the depth chart and Loftley develops into a rotation player

• Who'll play: Tim Fugger, R-JR (starter); Teriall Brannon, R-SR (starter); Theron Kadri, SR (third end or possible starter); Walker May, R-FR
• Still has a shot to play: Johnell Thomas, R-SO
• Spot duty only: Thad McHaney, R-FR
• Redshirts: Kyle Woestmann, FR, will likely travel with team and be ready to play; Thomas Ryan, FR

• Who'll play: Chris Marve, R-JR (starter and all-star candidate); John Stokes (starter); Tristan Strong, R-SO (possible starter or top backup); Archibald Barnes, R-SO (possible starter or top backup); Dexter Daniels (key backup and still competing to start)
• Still has a shot to play: DeAndre Jones, R-SO; Nate Campbell, R-SR
• Spot duty only: Micah Powell, R-SO; Blake Southerland, R-FR
• Redshirts: Chase Garnham, FR; Andrew East, FR, will likely travel with team as emergency longsnapper

• Who'll play: Casey Hayward, JR (starter and all-star candidate); Jamie Graham, R-JR (starter at corner or nickel); Eddie Foster, SO (competing to start); Trey Wilson, SO (competing to start); Eric Samuels, SO (competing to start)
• Still has a shot to play: Javon Marshall, R-FR; Steven Clarke, FR; Andre Hal, FR
• Spot duty only:
• Redshirts:

• Who'll play: Sean Richardson, JR (starter at strong and all-star candidate); Jay Fullam, R-FR (starter at free); Kenny Ladler, FR (backup free)
• Still has a shot to play: Al Owens, R-SO (backup strong); Karl Butler, FR
• Spot duty only:
• Redshirts: Andre Simmons, FR


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, as always...
but what about the kicking specialists? What are your current thoughts regarding who will fill each role -- KOs, FGs (short/long), punting, LS, and holding?


How bout this:

KO: Spear-1, Fowler-2
FG-: Fowler-1, Spear-2
FG+: Spear-1, Fowler-2
P: Kent-1, Fowler-2
LS-P: Giller-1, Stokes-2
LS-FG: Stokes-1, Giller-2
H: Kent-1, Goro-2
KR: Norman-1, Wilson-2
PR: Cole-1, Stacy-2

Anonymous said...

Bummer. I keep checking for Goro stats. Guess if ya don't play there is nothing to record. Same for Vandy, big goose-egg in the win column. Maine South fan