Sunday, August 8, 2010

Even the sports information department's calling Vandy's quarterback battle a three-horse race

Now even our official Vanderbilt athletics site is talking about "the three quarterbacks competing to become the starter," meaning Smith, Rodgers and Funk.

No mention in the official sports information department story of Charlie Goro. But watch the video highlights of the quarterbacks and you see a lot of Larry Smith and a lot of Charlie Goro. Granted, Matt Casas is out there too and they're all taking turns in drills, but I'm not so sure that Goro is out of the running.

And if he is, I find it hard to believe that a competitor like him would stay at Vanderbilt for another two years behind Smith and Rodgers.

I think this is about Jared Funk. He's a fifth year senior, he's paid his dues and — wink, wink — he's really competing for the starting position. Honest.

Anyway, go to the site and check out the videos and the photo gallery. You can learn a lot from just a photo gallery, such as:

• OK, so Goro is holding on field goals. So maybe he's being considered as the backup quarterback. Yeah, if Smith beats out Rodgers then Rodgers might redshirt and Goro might be the backup who would play if Smith goes down. Who knows?

• True freshman Logan Stewart is snapping the ball. So he's being groomed to play center, at least for now in an emergency role.

• Senior guard Chris Aaron is standing in at quarterback — sans helmet — which means he really does have an inner ear problem and is out of the lineup forever.

• True frosh Andre Hal appears to be returning punts along with Zac Stacy, who looked good in that role toward the end of the season.

That's all for now. Going to the Braves game to sit in a pool of sweat.


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