Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hottest Vandy football ticket this season is road game at Georgia

Entertaining thoughts of going to a football game in Nashville this season. Believe it or not, the last game I saw at Dudley was the loss to Kentucky in 2005. Since then, I've gone on the road to see Vandy lose to Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Georgia and Army. Of course, I did make a special effort to attend the Music City Bowl.

Anyway, I just went to Stub Hub to see if I could score a deal on any tickets. Here are the cheapest ticket you can get right now for each game, starting with the most expensive:

1. Vanderbilt at Georgia, $85
2. Florida at Vanderbilt, $38
3. LSU at Vanderbilt, $37
4. Vanderbilt at Connecticut, $32
5. Vanderbilt at Kentucky, $30
6. Tennessee at Vanderbilt, $24
7. Vanderbilt at Arkansas, $14
8. Vanderbilt at Ole Miss, $12
9. South Carolina at Vanderbilt, $10
10. Wake Forest at Vanderbilt, $5
11. Northwestern at Vanderbilt, $3
12. Eastern Michigan at Vanderbilt, $2


xk8guy said...

Got mine from Vandy. $50 per tkt. Firs time to Georgia. Been to Ole Miss, UT, USC and Legion Field. Looking forward to a great trip and a road win.


Athens is a great town and place to watch a football game. The fans there respect Vanderbilt but it's fun to hear them whine when they struggle to beat us.

Oh, I forgot that I went to Vandy's upset of SC in Columbia. How could I forget that?

Anonymous said...

Dimon, as a dad of a vandy freshman, I am really looking forward to the game in Athens. I never really cared much for uga football and its emphasis on "athletes" over character / academics. I would love to see an upset of uga in front of 80M people and put vandy football on the map......for at least a week. We have alot of recruits from the state of ga....Go Dores !