Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vandy O-linemen dropping like flies, others stepping up

The true freshmen offensive linemen are getting quite a workout so far this preseason. After starting center Joey Bailey, a senior, left practice with a stomach virus, Logan Stewart took over at center for both the first and second units, playing the entire practice.

Bet the big fellow is sore and tired.

Also, tackle Caleb Welchans is recovering from an appendectomy this summer and is being held back from full contact now. Also, true frosh Andrew Bridges has mononucleosis.

Redshirt freshman tackle Mylon Brown and true freshman defensive tackle Jared Morse got into a fight that left them both tussling on the ground. Unlike Bobby Johnson, who banned all cussin' and fightin', Robbie Caldwell doesn't have much of a problem with it.

“I don’t mind it," he told reporters after practice, "as long as it doesn’t leave the field.”

Another true freshman DT, Vince Taylor, looked good in drills, according to the official VU site.

In a scary moment, redshirt frosh tailback Wesley Tate said he felt a pop in his foot, which he broke in the spring and which still has pins in it. He's getting it x-rayed but neither he nor Caldwell seemed too worried about it.

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