Monday, August 30, 2010

Vanderbilt releases new football depth chart

Here’s Vanderbilt’s new depth chart

OFFENSE (includes two RBs and three WRs for 12 total players)

QB: (1) Larry Smith, (2) Jared Funk
WR: (1) John Cole, Udom Umoh and either Turner Wimberly or Jordan Matthews (2) Akeem Dunham, Jonathan Krause
RB: (1) Zac Stacy and either Warren Norman or Kennard Reeves, (2) Wesley Tate
TE: (1) Brandon Barden, (2) Mason Johnston
C: (1) Joey Bailey, (2) James Kittredge
G: (1) Jabo Burrow and Kyle Fischer, (2) Mylon Brown and Logan Stewart
T: (1) Caleb Welchans and Wesley Johnston, (2) Fischer and Chase White


DT: (1) T.J. Greenstone and Rob Lohr, (2) Colt Nichter and Josh Jelesky
DE: (1) Teriall Brannon and either Theron Kadri or Tim Fugger, (2) Johnell Thomas
MLB: (1) Chris Marve (2) DeAndre Jones or Nate Campbell
OLB: (1) John Stokes and either Archibald Barnes or Dexter Daniels, (2) Chase Garnham
CB: (1) Casey Hayward and either Eddie Foster or Trey Wilson, (2) Eric Samuels
S: (1) Sean Richardson and Jay Fullam, (2) Kenny Ladler and Andre Simmons


FG: (1) Ryan Fowler, (2) Carey Spear
KO: (1) Carey Spear, (2) Ryan Fowler
P: (1) Richard Kent, (2) Ryan Fowler
SN: (1) David Giller or John Stokes
H: (1) Richard Kent (2) Charlie Goro
KR: (1) Warren Norman or Eric Samuels
PR: (1) John Cole, (2) Zac Stacy

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