Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Vanderbilt football media guide unveils latest depth chart

The new media guide is out, and we thought we’d compare the new preseason depth chart to the one published at the beginning of spring. The most noticeable change: the latest depth chart mostly stops at two-deep, while the spring chart sometimes went four- or five-deep. The only guys listed third-team are Rodgers at QB, Herndon at WR, Thomas/May as co-second-team DE and Southerland at MLB.

Here we go:

• Zac Stacy at running back
• Kyle Fischer at right tackle
• Caleb Welchans (co-starter) at left tackle
• Rob Lohr (co-starter) at defensive tackle
• Tristan Strong (co-starter) at weakside backer
• Richard Kent at holder
• Zac Stacy at punt returner

• Only three quarterbacks listed instead of four; Charlie Goro no longer mentioned
• Order remains Smith-Funk-Rodgers

• Two starting running backs instead of one
• Warren Norman and Zac Stacy starters, backed by Kennard Reeves and Wesley Tate
• Reece Lovell no longer mentioned

• Two starting receivers instead of three
• Udom Umoh and John Cole remain starters, backed by Brady Brown and Turner Wimberly, who are no longer listed as co-starters at third receiver
• Tray Herndon listed as fifth receiver in rotation
• Akeem Dunham no longer mentioned

• Brandon Barden now listed as sole starter instead of a co-starter with Austin Monahan
• Only Barden and Monahan mentioned; Van Rensburg and Johnston dropped

• Joey Bailey remains starting center, backed by Chris Aaron (likely career-ending injury)
• Rob Ashabranner and Richard Cagle (left team) and Justin Cabbagestalk (knee injury) no longer mentioned
• Ryan Seymour listed as starting right tackle instead of starting left tackle
• Jabo Burrow listed as starting right guard instead of starting left guard
• Wesley Johnson listed as co-starter at left tackle, instead of starter at left guard; other co-starter is Caleb Welchans, formerly listed as backup at both tackle slots
• Kyle Fischer listed at starter at right guard instead of backup at right tackle
• Mylon Brown listed as backup at right tackle instead of backup at right guard

• Adam Smotherman (knee injury) and Rob Lohr listed as co-starters instead of Smotherman as sole starter
• Taylor Loftley no longer mentioned as backup at tackle to T.J. Greenstone and Colt Nichter

• Teriall Brannon listed as sole starter at defensive end; Theron Kadri now listed as backup to Tim Fugger instead of co-starter with Brannon
• Walker May listed as co-backup with Johnell Thomas instead of fourth team
• Thad McHaney and Josh Jelesky (moved to defensive tackle) no longer mentioned as third-teamers

• John Stokes and Archibald Barnes remain 1-2 at strongside backer
• DeAndre Jones backing up Chris Marve at middle backer instead of Tristan Strong; Blake Southerland still No. 3
• Dexter Daniels listed as co-starter at weakside backer with Strong instead of Jones
• Micah Powell no longer mentioned as third-teamer

• Eddie Foster listed as backup to cornerback Jamie Graham instead of co-backup to Casey Hayward
• Eric Samuels and Javon Marshall no longer mentioned as co-backups to Graham
• Wilson still listed as backup to Hayward
• Jay Fullam and Kenny Ladler still 1-2 at free safety
• Sean Richardson and Al Owens still 1-2 at strong safety

• Carey Spear now listed as backup to Ryan Fowler at placekicker and kickoff
• Richard Kent now listed as starting holder in front of Jared Funk
• David Giller and Stokes still 1-2 as snapper; Giller now listed as backup longsnapper to Stokes
• Fowler listed as backup punter to Kent
• Norman and Wilson remain 1-2 at kick returner
• Stacy replaces Graham as starting punt returner, backed by Cole


Anonymous said...

Looks like Goro's leaving




Oh, the media guide does say that Goro could be a "wildcard" in the quarterback race.

Anonymous said...

eff...can we get some color on the goro bomb?

Anonymous said...

After seeing 2 practices, and observiing the "wr deph chart", it looks like one of the freshman wr boyd or mathews will start at the 3rd wr spot. They both look very good in workouts; boyd likely has a slight edge and should start, but they both look really good so far. What do you think Dimon....Go Dores !!