Friday, August 6, 2010

Herb Hand officially named Vanderbilt offensive line coach

After a couple of weeks' silence, it's official: Herb Hand is the new offensive line coach at Vanderbilt.

Check out the announcement on the official VU site.

While Vandy fans are eager to christen him the new offensive coordinator, a role he shared at Tulsa with Gus Malzahn, don't discount the importance of an offensive line coach who understands the spread.

Remember the nightmarish offensive woes Auburn experienced after Tuberville installed the spread offense in 2008? They happened in large part because Tuberville's offensive line coach clashed with Tony Franklin, the mad scientist coordinator. Franklin got canned after the GameDay loss to Vanderbilt, and all the Auburn coaches were gone too by the end of the season.

But last season the Tiger offense experienced a resurgence under Malzahn and a coaching staff, including a line coach, hired to support the new offense.

So anyway, don't underestimate the importance of an offensive line coach who's mastered the spread offense.

In other coaching news, Caldwell has named Bruce Fowler the assistant head coach.


Will said...

This is HUGE....fresh thinking on the O-side of the ball!! Sic 'em, LCHH!!


yeah, check out to watch the video from the first day of practice and see Mr. Hand coaching em up. Pretty cool.