Thursday, August 21, 2008


...You're gonna work for us someday!

Vanderbilt is the top university in the SEC, according to the annual rankings from U.S. News & World Report. That's university — you know, classrooms and laboratories and debate teams. Not a surprise, really, but it's something to remember in October when the Commodores are playing Auburn and Georgia. Or in November, when the Commodores are playing Florida and Tennessee. (At right, Earl Bennett and Tray Holloway celebrate Vandy's ranking as a top national university in 2005 during their 49-42 moral victory in Gainesville.)

Anyway, here are the SEC rankings, according to USN&WR:

1. Vanderbilt (No. 19 nationally; tied with Notre Dame)
2. Florida (No. 49)
3. Georgia (No. 59; tied with Pittsburgh and Rutgers)
4. Alabama (No. 91; tied with Missouri and Nebraska)
5. Auburn (No. 96; tied with Tennessee and Arizona)
5. Tennessee (No. 96; tied with Auburn and Arizona)
7. South Carolina (No. 112; tied with Florida State and Oregon)
8. Kentucky (No. 122)
9. Arkansas (No. 124)
12. LSU (a Tier 3 university; Vandy is Tier 1 and Nos. 2-9 are Tier 2)
12. Miss State (also Tier 3)
12. Ole Miss (also Tier 3)

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