Thursday, August 28, 2008


Time: 5:40 in fourth quarter
Score: 34-13 Vandy
Play of the second half: Jared Hawkins 4-yard touchdown late in the game.
Player of the second half: Jared Hawkins and the offensive line.
Surprise: Hawkins, whom I've been busting on, breaks off 37 yards in three carries to move Dores near the end zone, then punches it in for the TD.
Disappointment: Trouble moving the ball consistently on these guys. Fortunately, we had lots of big plays in the first half and then we reeled off a string of runs late in the game.

• Nickson slips and falls trying to pick up a first down on 3rd and 14 early in the fourth. Another punt.
• Meriwether is back. But Hawks need to pass.
• Big play: Myron Lewis knocks Woods out of bounds after Hawk wideout catches ball but his feet don't touch the ground. This ain't the NFL. So it doesn't count.
• Reshard Langford diving around almost intercepting passes it looks like he doesn't have a chance to get.
• Nickson runs for another first down.
• Man, those Hawks make our receivers pay when they get the ball.
• Hawkins has a nice run between the tackles. We're in Hawk territory.
• We've got some tight ends. Austin Monahan picks up a first down. He's 6-7. He and Barden are tough — and young.
• With about 7 minutes left, Nickson fakes the pitch and has about a 15-yard run for a first down.
• We're eating up the clock.
• Nice TD drive. 11 plays in 6 minutes.

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