Thursday, August 28, 2008


Time: 6:58 first quarter
Score: 17-10 Vandy
Play of the game so far: 48-yard pass from Nickson to Sean Walker. Nice throw, nice catch.
Other big plays: DJ Moore's interception, sack and 91-yard punt return.

Player of the game so far: DJ Moore and Chris Nickson
Surprise: Raudenbach looked really shaky but is now in a rhythm. Our secondary looked all-world and is now getting picked apart.
Disappointment: We had a chance to put this one away, now it's a one-touchdown margin. Nickson has no time to pass. Linebackers are penetrating our line with apparent ease.

• Beautiful interception by Myron Lewis. Our secondary looks great.
• Nice running by Gaston Miller. Five straight carries.
• You know, Vandy was second in the SEC last year in time of possession. And that's what we're trying to do right now, control the ball.
• Nickson really on the run when he drops back. Run blocking looks fine, pass blocking needs work.
• Lewis' interception on long pass works like a punt for the Redhawks.
• Raudabach is rolling now, mixing up his passes, and Meriwether is hitting the holes.
• Touchdown pass for Redhawks.

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