Thursday, August 28, 2008


Time: Halftime
Score: 27-10 Vandy
Play of the game so far: Chris Nickson answers Redhawk touchdown in the second quarter by slicing through the Redhawk D for a 59-yard run.
Other big plays:
48-yard pass from Nickson to Sean Walker. DJ Moore's interception, sack and 91-yard punt return.
Player of the game so far: Chris Nickson. He's got 122 yards rushing at halftime.
Surprise: Miami very sloppy late in the half with multiple penalties and a key dropped pass. Redhawks' vaunted linebackers no match for Nickson.
Disappointment: Vandy forces Redhawks to punt but have 12 men on the field and Miami gets a first down after the penalty. Ryan Hamilton drops an interception late in the half. Too much room in front of him. Jared Hawkins doesn't look like an SEC running back.

• Broderick Stewart looks quick and gets a big sack. Redhawks can't contain him.
• Two straight holding penalties on the Redhawks. 2nd and 26 with 2:49 left in half.
• John Cole sees action with a punt return. First true freshman I've noticed in the game.
• Nickson rips off a 34-yard run on third down. He's unstoppable.
• A bad spot keeps Nickson from a first down with seconds left and deep in Miami territory.
• Hahnfeldt nails his second field goal.

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