Thursday, August 28, 2008


Time: 0:11 first quarter
Score: 17-3 Vandy
Play of the game so far: 48-yard pass from Nickson to Sean Walker. Nice throw, nice catch.
Other big plays: DJ Moore's interception, sack and 91-yard punt return.

Player of the game so far: DJ Moore and Chris Nickson
Surprise: Redhawk offensive line pretty solid.
Disappointment: DJ can't take punt to the house after 91 yards, and it takes us three plays to score from a yard out.

• VU special teams fine so far. Nice tackle by Joel Caldwell on kickoff coverage.
• Redhawks QB Raudabach looks shaky, but has hit a couple of first-down passes.
• Marve and Stokes stuffing the run.
• D.J. sacks quarterback and forces a fumble (not recovered) and now back to return punt, then goes about 91 yards to the Redhawk 1.
• DJ has a mohawk, for what it's worth.

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