Thursday, August 28, 2008


Time: End of game
Score: 34-13 Vandy
Play of the second half: Hawkins' run put this one away.
Player of the second half: We'll go with Hawkins.
Surprise: We win this one going away.
Disappointment: Are you kidding?

• Nice sack by Marve, the redshirt frosh linebacker. Dude's good.
• Redhawks are dinking us for little gains here and there but they need to strike quick and they can't do it against our secondary. Fail to convert on fourth down.
• MacKenzie Adams in the game for mop-up duty. We needed Nickson to win this game.
• Gaston picks up another first down.
• Hey, let's throw the ball into the end zone and break 40 points! Just kidding.
• Minute left. Raudabach still in the game. Still throwing five yard passes.
• True freshmen Casey Hayward and Sean Richardson in the secondary while Redhawks drive down to the one. Hayward almost gets a pick in the end zone.
• Josh Allen snags an interception in the end zone. How deep is our secondary? Our scrubs were starters three years ago.

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