Thursday, August 28, 2008


Time: 6:23 first quarter
Score: 10-3 Vandy
Play of the game so far: 48-yard pass from Nickson to Sean Walker. Nice throw, nice catch.
Player of the game so far: Sean Walker/Chris Nickson
Surprise: Redhawks test DJ early and pay for it.
Disappointment: Nickson running for his life on every play. Working so far, but not good sign for offensive line. Also, Vandy offense breaks down after interception.

• DJ Moore has his first pick of the season, then stays in the game to play offense. Ball on the 19.
• Walker, Moore and Nickson clearly faster than anybody on the field. Our running backs look pedestrian.
• Redhawk defense doesn't look particularly fast, but they're penetrating our line.
• Hahnfeldt nails 34-yard FG.

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