Friday, July 10, 2009

Vanderbilt still shopping for quarterback recruits, at least the one named Robert Bolden

In June, Vanderbilt had offers out to four three-star quarterbacks, and Nash Nance of Calhoun, Ga., was the first to commit to the Commodores.

So Vandy had its one quarterback of the 2010 class, right?

Well, maybe. Nash, 6-4, 205 pounds, was the lowest rated of the four prospects. The best guy, Sam Gibson of Larry Smith's alma mater Prattville High, was really an athlete who could play anywhere, and he quickly committed to LSU, who seems to get whoever they want. Now Sean Robinson of Illinois has committed to Purdue. Devin Burns of Georgia hasn't chosen a school yet.

Bobby Johnson was quoted after Nash's commitment as saying that he'd have to call the other quarterbacks and tell them he'd found his man.

Right after Nash's signing, gunslinger Tyler Arndt of Texas popped up on's list of players who've received Vandy offers. Maybe the offer was already on the table and now Arndt has been told to look elsewhere. Scout and Rivals haven't given him any stars, but has him on their 150 Watch List.

But today I notice that Vandy has now offered a scholarship to quarterback Robert Bolden of Michigan. Bolden is a four-star guy who's on the ESPN 150 Watch List. Scouts has him rated as the No. 8 quarterback prospect in America (Burns is 31, Robinson 38 and Nash 77). Also 6-4, 205, he's big, strong and fast with a great arm. He's running a simple high school offense right now, but looks perfect to run the spread the Commodores are installing.

I'm glad Bobby hasn't closed the book on quarterbacks. Nance is a nice prospect and worth signing but we can't pass up the opportunity to take a shot Bolden, who would be as close to an elite quarterback as we've ever had.

Of course, we're not the only school that's noticed him. Everybody and his mama has offered this guy: Iowa, Northwestern, Penn State, Purdue and Wisconsin in the Big 10; Colorado, Missouri and Nebraska in the Big 12; Duke, Virginia and Virginia Tech in the ACC; Louisville and West Virginia in the Big East; and Oregon in the Pac-10.

Oh, and Vanderbilt, the pride of the SEC.


Aaron said...

According to ESPN, Bolden actually just committed to Penn State today.


Yeah, not too surprising.