Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ted Cain's key to a better offense: Better talent

Say what you want about Ted Cain, the man's pulling in offensive recruits from the Atlanta area.

He recruited Chris Boyd, the 6-5 receiver from Roswell who committed to the Commodores yesterday, and was also responsible for nabbing another receiver, Jonathan Krause, a speedster from Snellville.

He was the lead recruiter for quarterback Nash Nance of Calhoun and lineman Grant Ramsay of Marietta, and he worked with Rick Logo to get defensive tackle Kyle Woestmann, also of Marietta.

Over in South Carolina, he teamed up with Robbie Caldwell to get a verbal from offensive lineman Logan Stewart.

We've all heard — and have probably helped generate — criticism about Cain's playcalling. One argument in his defense has been that he hasn't had the offensive talent to work with.

Two of the most exciting athletes for the Commodores last season were D.J. Moore and Myron Lewis, both of whom were listed as wide receivers when they showed up on campus. And a guy who seemed to step up and give us a spark running and catching and even throwing the ball was Jamie Graham, who's being moved to cornerback this season.

Yes, the team is built around defense and special teams, but last season proved that even if you've got the greatest defense and special teams in the world, you still need to generate some offense. It's still incredible to me that Vandy had the second- or third-worst offense in America and still had a winning season, finished in the top half of the SEC and won a bowl against the team with the longest bowl-winning streak in college football.

Of course, that's got to change. And to Ted Cain's credit, he's doing all he can to get better talent to work with. Now if he can just keep them on the offensive side of the ball.

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