Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bobby Johnson: "We weren't seeking respect"

So somebody at SEC Media Days asks Bobby Johnson if people are showing him more respect this year because the Commodores are coming off a winning season.

I love his answer:

"No, that's not what we were seeking. We weren't seeking respect. We were seeking to do as good as we could possibly do in our program. It comes with it. You know, if we continue to get better, I think people will know that we're just not an automatic win any more and we can be considered a contender for a championship if we continue to improve.

"I'm not that motivated by people patting you on the back and saying you're doing real well. I like going back and talking to our team after we win games, talking to our fans when they meet you after an away game, they meet you back at the stadium. Those kind of rewards are a whole lot better than — excuse me — the press."

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