Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The 2009 Vanderbilt football media guide takes an honest look at the Commodores

Just saw the new Commodore media guide online. Click here to check it out. You can also pick one up at the campus bookstore for $15.

I think you'll like it, because it's not a puff piece on the team. For one thing, the individual bios actually examine players' weaknesses. Broderick Stewart's bio, for example, says he's awfully quick getting around blockers and getting to the quarterback, but he needs to get stronger.

There are also some clues to seemingly eternal mysteries like who'll be the starting quarterback.

Here's a little something from the outlook at the beginning of the guide:

“Adams has the most experience of the trio (Adams, Smith, Funk) with nine career starts and has shown flashes of brilliance as a dual threat under center over the past two seasons. However, Smith could be considered the favorite after demonstrating calm pocket presence, good decision-making and a strong arm in leading the Commodores to victory in his starting debut at the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl."

Smith could be considered the favorite: I've been telling you this since January and now here it is, in ink, right here in the good old media guide.

I've given most of it a pretty close read — reading between the lines, of course — and will fill you in on more details soon. But no, there's no mention anywhere of Terence Jeffers.

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