Friday, July 17, 2009

Bobby Johnson makes the Top 5 in the SEC

You know it's the dog days of summer when fans (me included) are arguing about the No. 9 quarterback in the SEC or the criteria for ranking the best team ever (even if those teams played 100 years ago). Yep, when it's the middle of July and you have nothing to do, you rank stuff.

One particularly popular thing to rank this time of year? Coaches. The other day Mark Bradley over at the AJC posted a list of the Top 10 coaches in college football. He included the following SEC coaches:

1. Urban Meyer
4. Nick Saban
7. Les Miles
8. Mark Richt

Now Bradley has added five more coaches to the list, and three are from the SEC. Bobby Johnson tops the list at No. 13, followed by Houston Nutt at 14 and Bobby Petrino at 15.

No, it doesn't mean much. And it shows that even though we've known all along that Bobby Johnson can coach ’em up, it's taken awhile for him to build a foundation and get some recognition, which is nice to see, and as we're discovering right now, it sure doesn't hurt recruiting.


Bob Loblaw said...

For what it's worth, Mark Bradley is a jackass.


I made this post just to hear you say that. Isn't he a UK grad?