Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bobby Johnson's back at Media Days, wearing a tie and looking into a crystal ball resembling a football helmet

It's time again for Bobby Johnson to don his black and gold Brooks Brothers tie and take the SEC Media Days stage. He'll be on today from 1-3 p.m. Eastern time, and he'll have seniors Bradley Vierling and Myron Lewis with him. You can read what they say, after it happens of course, by clicking here and going to the SEC site.

It'll be interesting to see who Coach Johnson mentions. Here are a few things he said last year:

• Of D.J. Moore: "He's been a joy to have in our program." And D.J. was only starting his junior year. Sounds like they'd already talked about him leaving early for the NFL, huh? And so he did.

• He said he expected Chris Marve to start and excel at middle linebacker. And so he did.

• He expected Myron Lewis to have "a breakout year." And so he did.

• He talked about Ryan Hamilton's ability to make "big plays." And so he did.

• He said Jared Hawkins was "ready to step up." And so he did.

This year, expect Johnson to field questions about the following:

1. The quarterback situation.
2. The quarterback situation.
3. The quarterback situation.

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