Friday, July 10, 2009

Robert Bolden commits to Penn State

This morning we were talking about how Robert Bolden, the No. 8 prep quarterback in America, has a Vanderbilt offer. How good is Bolden? Well, you'll have to decide for yourself when you watch him in a year or two on television... while wearing one of those bland Penn State uniforms.

Yes, Bolden just made a verbal commitment to the Nittany Lions. (Thanks, Aaron, for the tip.)

I still like the fact that the Commodores are looking to sign a big-time quarterback even though they've already found somebody in Nash Nance who looks like a good fit. And they may have Cabbagestalk's scholarship to give to somebody else.

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Pete said...

Dimon, after seeing the cross-pollination of your blog with Vanderbilt Sports Line today, I had to pause and truly reconsider my life. I really appreciate your blogginess, and have, at times, blogged my own Vandy blog at Mine is/was a bit different in timbre than most of the Vandy blogs out there. Nowadays, I am constantly tempted to return to the blogging life. If I manage to get off my tucchus and remount a blog effort, could we perhaps do some linking back and forth (and if you know the VSL guys, maybe with them, too)? The guilt from inattention is beginning to eat at me, especially with Vandy's future shining so brightly in the distance. Take care, and keep the info and commentary coming!