Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vanderbilt women's basketball: Lady Dores are the only SEC team left in both NCAA tournaments

Last week, the SEC had 10 basketball teams in the NCAA tournament, including:

Three men's teams:

• LSU (No. 8 seed)
• Tennessee (No. 9)
• Miss State (No. 13)

And seven women's teams:
• Auburn (No. 2)
• Vanderbilt (No. 4)
• Tennessee (No. 5)
• LSU (No. 6)
• Florida (No. 8)
• Miss State (No. 9)
• Georgia (No. 11)

The Lady Dores got shipped off to New Mexico, while the Lady Vols and their many fans got a short trip to Bowling Green. The Lady Dores got a No. 4 seed while the team they beat twice, Auburn, got a No. 2 seed.

Nevertheless, Vanderbilt's the only SEC team in a Sweet 16. LSU was the only men's team to survive the first round before getting blasted by UNC. Meanwhile, the Lady Vols were dominated by Ball State, giving Pat Summitt the first one-and-done season of her career. Georgia was also bounced in the first round. In the second round, Auburn got shocked by Rutgers, and Florida, LSU and State fell to higher seeds.

Vandy plays No. 1 Maryland on Saturday.


even more anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact that all the SEC teams have now been bounced from the NIT.


That's right. So is Billy G gone at UK?