Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vanderbilt plays Alabama tonight in SEC tournament

Vanderbilt plays Alabama at 7:30 EDT tonight in the SEC tournament. The Commodores have been hot lately but so has the Tide. Vanderbilt beat Alabama earlier in the season, which means it'll be harder to beat them a second time. Or maybe not. The game's in St. Pete, where Vanderbilt got destroyed by Siena in the first round of the NCAA tournament last season. Which probably doesn't mean much. When somebody asked Jermaine Beal about it, he was surprised the Siena game was played in St. Pete. Yeah, those guys played that game like they didn't know what planet they were on.

Like we've said before, the team is mighty young and has experienced some growing pains and everybody seems convinced that next year could be a great season for them. But this season's not over. The tournament's more wide open than it's ever been and anything could happen.

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